BizNGO Conference

Working Agenda

Working Agenda

BizNGO 2017 – Emerging Trends & Taking Action

December 5-6, 2017 - Boston

December 5

  • The Chaos of Restricted Substances Lists (RSLs): Managing and Aligning Lists of Chemicals of High Concern
  • Measuring your Chemical Footprint: Case Studies from Health Care and Businesses
  • Retailers & the Chemical Footprint Project

December 6

  • Creating & Implementing Comprehensive Corporate Chemical Management Policies
  • Alternatives Assessment: Searching for Safer Alternatives to Perfluorinated Chemicals
  • Businesses & NGOs finding Common Ground on Chemical Ingredient Disclosure: California, New York, and Beyond


  • Hands-on engagement and in-depth sharing of experiences and actions on the journey to safer chemicals.
  • Red lists: take away new ideas, practices, and tools for managing and aligning lists of chemicals of concern.
  • Perfluorinated Chemicals: up-to-date on latest science and the search for safer alternatives.
  • Chemical Footprint Project: know what it is, how it is similar to and different from chemical footprinting, and how you can participate in it.
  • New ideas: have three new ideas, best practices, or resources to share with colleagues.
  • Inspiration: Inspired and invigorated to advance chemicals, materials, and products that are safer and healthier for people and the planet.

*Subject to change