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Courses: Chemical Footprint & GreenScreen

9/6-10/24 2018 Live, online BizNGO Events Webinars & Videos

Register for our Fall online courses now Setting Goals & Measuring Chemical Footprints starts September 11th – Register Setting and advancing compelling goals provides an…
09 12, 2018
Webinar: How to purchase PFAS-free food service ware

9/6/2018 Ann Blake, Clean Production Action, GreenBlue BizNGO Events Webinars & Videos

Download the slide deck. Manufacturers of disposable food packaging and food service ware often add PFAS to impart moisture, oil, and grease resistance. PFAS are highly…
09 06, 2018
Mark Rossi on BNMC’s podcast series, Talking Cities

6/1/2017 Talking Cities Webinars & Videos

BNMC’s podcast series, Talking Cities, hosted by our President & CEO Matt Enstice, investigates cutting-edge innovations for cities in America and beyond, featuring people our…
06 01, 2017
Webinar: GreenScreen Certified™ - New for textile chemicals

4/26/2017 Alberto De Conti, Beverley Thorpe, Mark Rossi BizNGO Events Webinars & Videos

Listen as CPA and Garmon Chemicals dive into the newly launched GreenScreen Certified Standard for Textile Chemicals providing an overview on the certification process.  
04 26, 2017
Webinar: Chemical Transparency: The Value of Ingredient Disclosure

1/10/2016 Clean Production Action BizNGO Events Webinars & Videos

There is paramount need for optimizing design and manufacturing that will result in healthier materials and products.  Chemical transparency throughout supply chains is a critical link to realizing this…
01 10, 2017
Chemical Footprint Project Workshop

12/6/2016 Golden Gate Club San Francisco, CA BizNGO Events Webinars & Videos

Are you seeking to be a leader in proactive chemicals management? Learn how to: Reduce business risks related to chemicals, Measure progress in using safer chemicals,…
12 06, 2016
TEDx: “Changing the Course of Production Together”

March 2016 Mark Rossi TEDxOrcasIsland Webinars & Videos

Watch our very own Mark Rossi discuss what can happen when business leaders and environmental activists work together at the TEDxOrcasIsland event.
07 12, 2016
Webinar: Chemicals Without Harm

3/14/16, 12:00 PM-1:00 PM EST Ken Geiser BizNGO Events Webinars & Videos

Listen to Ken Geiser as he introduces his book “Chemicals Without Harm” where he proposes a different strategy to the conventional approach to hazardous chemicals. His method…
03 15, 2016
Webinar: Tools for Safer Chemicals: ChemSec’s SINimilarity & Textile Guide

1/13/2016, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST Mark Rossi, Jerker Ligthart BizNGO Events Webinars & Videos

Listen as Jerker Ligthart and Mark Rossi give an introduction to ChemSec business tools. Get started with the Textile Guide, a chemicals management tool that…
01 13, 2016
BizNGO-Chemical Footprint Conference 2015

December 8th & 9th, 2015 JFK Library & Museum-Smith Hall Columbia Point, Boston, MA 02125 BizNGO Events Webinars & Videos Annual Conference

BizNGO - Chemical Footprint 2015Boston, MA We celebrated BizNGO's 10th anniversary in typical collaborative spirit by co-organizing our annual conference with the Chemical Footprint Project. Combining the…
09 25, 2015
Webinar: Safer Alternatives to Methylene Chloride in Paint Strippers

10/27/2015 Dr. Bingxuan Wang, Molly Jacobs BizNGO Events Webinars & Videos

Listen to Dr. Bingxuan Wang of ToxServices, LLC and Molly Jacobs of the Lowell Center’s Environmental Health Program on safer alternatives to methylene chloride in paint strippers.  …
09 11, 2015
Webinar: Deep Dive into Chemical Footprinting

7/22/15 Mark Rossi, Sally Edwards & Tim Greiner BizNGO Events Webinars & Videos

Tim Greiner of Pure Strategies, Sally Edwards of Lowell Center for Sustainable Production at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, and Mark Rossi of Clean Production…
07 08, 2015
Webinar: Chemical Footprinting with Staples & Trillium Asset Management

6/30/15 Roger McFadden & Susan Baker BizNGO Events Webinars & Videos

Learn the value of chemical footprinting and how to participate in CFP. Join Roger McFadden of Staples, Susan Baker of Trillium Asset Management, and Mark…
06 30, 2015
Growing the Practice of Alternatives Assessment: How to Use the OECD Toolbox Webinar

April 14 @ 4pm Kathy Hart, Emily Connor & Jonathan Rivin BizNGO Events Webinars & Videos

The toolbox offers access to tools, data, chemical lists, and guidance documents for users with varying levels of expertise, to assist in the substitution of…
04 14, 2015
The Business Case for Knowing Chemicals in Products and Supply Chains Webinar

February 10th @ 11am Mark Ross & Kevin Munn BizNGO Events Webinars & Videos

Consumers, retailers and brands all want to know more, driving companies to disclose information about the hazardous chemicals in their products and to make safer…
02 10, 2015
Chemical Footprint Project Webinar

January 21st @ 1pm Mark Ross, Sally Edwards & Tim Greiner BizNGO Events Webinars & Videos

The Chemical Footprint Project was founded by the environmental non-profit Clean Production Action, the research institute The Lowell Center for Sustainable Production at the University…
01 21, 2015
The Business Case for Knowing Chemicals in Products & Supply Chains

January 13th @ 3pm Mark Rossi & Kevin Munn BizNGO Events Webinars & Videos

This webinar looked at the use of CiP information systems and the value of knowing about chemicals contained in products. These systems continue to enable…
01 13, 2015
BizNGO 2014 Conference - 9th Annual Meeting

December 8th & 9th San Francisco BizNGO Events Webinars & Videos Annual Conference

From chemical footprinting to alternatives assessment, BizNGO 2014 shaped the direction of engaging initiatives advancing safer chemicals.    
12 08, 2014
NAS Alternatives Assessment Framework

November 5, 2014 Helen Holder BizNGO Events Webinars & Videos

Concerns about the health and environmental impacts associated with some chemical products and processes have motivated a growing number of national, state, and local governments,…
11 05, 2014
In case you missed the first webinar: What’s the Chemical Footprint of Plastics? Plastics Scorecard v1.0

September 15, 2014 Ann Blake & Mark Rossi BizNGO Events Webinars & Videos

Would you like to: Understand the deep connections between fossil fuels, chemicals, and plastics?   Know how to measure Progress to Safer Chemicals in Polymer…
09 15, 2014