About Us


Who is in BizNGO?

BizNGO is a unique collaboration of business and NGO leaders who are creating a roadmap to the widespread use of safer chemicals and sustainable materials in our economy. Spearheaded by Clean Production Action in 2006, BizNGO now includes leaders from environmental organizations and the electronics, health care, building, apparel, outdoor industry, cleaning product, and retail sectors.

What does BizNGO do?

BizNGO's mission is to promote the creation and adoption of safer chemicals and sustainable materials, thereby creating market transitions to a healthy economy, healthy environment, and healthy people. We achieve our mission through the co-development of principles, policies, strategies, and technical resources.

Who can join?

BizNGO is an informal network rather than a membership organization, and is open to anyone who commits to furthering the BizNGO Principles for Safer Chemicals.

How can I participate?

What are the work groups?

Our three active Work Groups are: Safer Chemicals, Alternatives Assessment, and Policy. You can access the work of our three work groups at: Chemicals, Assessment, and Policies.

What is the relationship of BizNGO to Clean Production Action?

BizNGO is a project of Clean Production Action. Clean Production Action staffs BizNGO and raises money for its work from foundations and through our annual meeting.

How can I learn more?

Contact ops@cleanproduction.org with all information requests for BizNGO.