Safer Chemicals

The Guide to Safer Chemicals

Press Release
Complete Report
Executive Summary
Principle #1a – Know Chemicals across the Life Cycle of Products
Principle #1b – Disclose Chemicals across the Life Cycle of Products
Principle #2 – Assess & Avoid Hazards
Principle #3 – Commit to Continuous Improvement
Principle #4 – Support Public Policies & Voluntary Initiatives
Conclusion – Steps for Downstream Users: How to Succeed in Chemicals Management

The Guide

  • Marks pathways to safer chemicals in products and supply chains.
  • Sets relative benchmarks for each of the four BizNGO Principles for Safer Chemicals
  • Specifies actions for each benchmark
  • Presents examples of business practices
  • Illustrates how to get started on the path to safer chemicals

The Guide Enables

  • Gap analysis: measuring internal performance, identifying areas for improvement, and tracking progress
  • Corporate sustainability reporting based on an independent metric
  • Benchmarking performance in comparison to other organizations

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