A unique collaboration of business and environmental leaders working to advance healthy materials and a safer chemicals economy

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Fall online courses: CFP & GreenScreen

Setting Goals & Measuring Chemical Footprints…

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A Guide to Purchasing PFAS-Free Food Service…

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Corporate Chemicals Policies

Model Chemicals PolicyThe BizNGO Chemicals…

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Safer Chemicals

BizNGO defines pathways to safer chemicals. It all begins with the Principles for Safer Chemicals:

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Alternatives Assessment

The Chemicals Alternatives Assessment Protocol defines a clear decision logic for businesses to make real time decisions on identifying safer substitutions to toxic chemicals.

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Sustainable Materials

The BizNGO Sustainable Materials Work Group developed the Principles for Sustainable Plastics and The Plastics Scorecard.

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Public Policies

The BizNGO Policy Work Group primarily focuses its efforts on state-level chemicals policies, such as the California Safer Consumer Products Act.

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