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Restriction of Elemental Bromine and Chlorine to Achieve Elimination of BFRs and PVC

2009 CPA Publications Case Studies

Apple restricts nearly all uses of brominated and chlorinated compounds, at the elemental level, from its products. Customers can now purchase products like the iPod…
04 07, 2010
Greening Consumer Electronics Report

2009 CPA Publications

Moving away from bromine and chlorine Electronics manufacturers, standards bodies, and legislators have begun to take notice of the human health and environmental concerns associat­ed…
11 05, 2009
Kaiser Permanente Congressional Testimony 2009

2/26/09 Kaiser Permanente Publications

Kaiser Permanente Congressional Testimony 2009.
10 18, 2009
Lowell Center for Sustainable Production’s Framework for Alternative Assessment

2009 Lowell Center Publications

Designing a truly sustainable product is a huge challenge in modern society. Nevertheless, many companies are striving to continuously improve the sustainability of their products…
10 18, 2009
Greening Consumer Electronics - Executive Summary

2009 ChemSec and Clean Production Action Publications

This report features seven electronics companies (two major consumer electronics companies, and five component suppliers) that have moved beyond compliance with regulatory mandates and engineered…
09 30, 2009
Apple’s chemicals policy

January 2009 Alexandra McPherson CPA Publications

Apple Inc.’s commitment to re-engineer all of its products worldwide to remove elemental forms of bromine and chlorine marks an important landmark in the electronics…
01 25, 2009
Avalon Natural Products: Consciousness in Cosmetics

2006 CPA Publications Case Studies

Since its founding in 1989, California based Avalon Natural Products has been a leader in making cosmetics from natural and organic ingredients. Avalon sells mainly…
10 25, 2006
Interface Fabric: Benign by Design

2006 CPA Publications Case Studies

Terratex PLA represents Interface’s latest innovation on the company’s journey towards sustainability. Launched in 2004 as the first commercial interior fabric made from 100 percent…
10 25, 2006
H&M: Fashion Chemistry

2006 CPA Publications Case Studies

You’ve got to have your supply chain aligned to manage chemicals in retail fashion. In this fast moving industry, designs sell out in six months.…
10 25, 2006
Herman Miller: Healthy Chairs

2006 CPA Publications Case Studies

Long before green design became popular, a culture that would nourish it had formed at Herman Miller. Product design at Herman Miller has long been…
10 25, 2006
Dell Inc.: Mainstreaming the Precautionary Principle

2006 CPA Publications Case Studies

In the mid 1990’s, Dell shipped its first computers and displays free of a host of toxic brominated flame-retardants. Since then, Dell has worked with…
10 25, 2006
Premier: Choosing Safer Products Helps Improve the Health of Communities

2006 CPA Publications Case Studies

The Premier healthcare alliance is committed to protecting the environment and maintaining a safe and healthy climate for patients, workers and communities. Premier and its…
10 25, 2006
Perkins+Will: Taking a Precautionary Approach to Chemicals in Products

2006 CPA Publications Case Studies

At Perkins+Will we design structures that achieve our clients’ vision while maintaining the company’s founding principles of sustainability, integrity and design excellence.
10 25, 2006
Novation: Supporting Safer Products in Health Care

2006 CPA Publications Case Studies

Novation is committed to helping hospitals create an environment free from hazards posed by chemicals that are harmful to humans, animals, and the environment. Chemicals…
10 25, 2006
Kaiser Permanente: Using Safer Chemicals in Products Supports Preventive Health Care

2006 CPA Publications Case Studies

Environmental activism emerged within Kaiser Permanente four decades ago when the organization invited Rachel Carson to deliver the keynote address to a large symposium of…
10 25, 2006
Healthy Business Strategies for Transforming the Toxic Chemical Economy

June 2006 Clean Production Action Publications

This report profiles six companies that are crafting healthy strategies for using chemicals and materials in their products.  While their individual actions to address toxic…
09 10, 2006
Brominated Flame Retardants in Dust on Computers

2004 McPherson, Thorpe, Blake CPA Publications

In 2004 the first nationwide tests for brominated flame retardants in dust swiped from computers  in public buildings in 8 US states, revealed that computers…
04 25, 2004