Alternatives Assessment

Implementing the Commons Principles for Alternatives Assessment

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Chemical Alternatives Assessment Protocol

The Chemicals Alternatives Assessment Protocol defines a clear decision logic for businesses to make real time decisions on identifying safer substitutions to toxic chemicals.

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Alternatives Assessment Frameworks

Multiple frameworks are in play for evaluating and selecting safer alternatives to toxic chemicals. The question is, which framework will become the dominant method.

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Alternatives Assessment Initiatives

Governments, standard setting bodies, and research institutes are all getting in the alternatives assessment game.

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Sign the Commons Principles

The Commons Principles are designed to guide a process for well informed decision making that supports the successful phase out of chemicals of concern with safer alternatives. The six Commons Principles are:

  • Reduce hazard
  • Minimize exposure
  • Use best available information
  • Require disclosure and transparency
  • Resolve trade-offs
  • Take action

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