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“Forget precaution, get to production”

3/1/14 Molly Jacobs et. al UMASS Lowell Bulletins

Lowell Center for Sustainable Production examines the “precarious promise” of engineered carbon nanotubes (CNTs) Despite uncertainty about their environmental and health effects, technologies relying on…
05 26, 2014
Who manufactures substances of very high concern? See latest report from ChemSec for investors

5/2614 Bulletins

Oil and gas companies top the European NGO, ChemSec’s latest report on companies manufacturing “substances of very high concern” – SIN (Substitute It Now) chemicals.…
05 26, 2014
Fate of nanomaterials: Is it surprising to discover that nanotubes can be released from plastics?

5/13/14 Sprint Bulletins

We have long known that supposedly inert chemicals in plastics can break away from the finished product, exposing people and the environment to their health…
05 19, 2014
New technology to transform cooking oil to plastic—a lower chemical footprint?

5/20/14 Andrew Noel Bloomberg Bulletins

This is an exciting period of material innovation, as manufacturers explore new frontiers in making chemicals and plastics from fossil fuel alternatives. With growing demand…
05 19, 2014
Minnesota becomes first state to ban triclosan

5/21/14 Elizabeth Landau & Saundra Young CNN Bulletins

While the antibacterial ingredient known as triclosan continues to be used widely in soaps, toothpaste and other personal care products, Minnesota has passed a law…
05 19, 2014
Vermont Governor expected to sign bill regulating chemicals in children’s products

5/16/14 Mark Rossi Bulletins

Vermont is poised to join California, Maine, and Washington State with more comprehensive chemicals policy legislation. The Vermont legislature passed a bill giving the state Health Department authority to…
05 16, 2014
Flame retardants weakened frogs’ immune systems

May 13, 2014 Brian Bienkowski Environmental Health News Bulletins

Frogs exposed to PBDE flame retardants during early life developed weakened systems, a condition that could leave them vulnerable to disease, say University of Wisconsin…
05 16, 2014
Sprint to sell iPhone cases made from methane-based plastic

May 13, 2014 Jennifer Elks Sustainable Brands Bulletins

Sprint has announced it will soon begin selling iPhone cases made from a methane-based plastic known as AirCarbon™. Manufactured by Newlight Technologies, the plastic is made with methane…
05 12, 2014
UN Global Chemical Outlook


Introducing UNEP’s Global Chemicals OutlookUNEP, in close collaboration with OECD, WHO and other organisations of the Inter-Organization Programme for the Sound Management of Chemicals (IOMC),…
10 16, 2013
Green Chemistry and Safer Stuff

11/9/13 Bev Thorpe, Annie Leonard Story of Stuff Bulletins

If it's on the store shelf, it's been tested and found safe, right? In this podcast with Annie Leonard of the Story of Stuff, Bev…
10 02, 2013
IC2 Releases Guidance Document


The Interstate Chemicals Clearinghouse (IC2) and participating states announced the release of the IC2 Alternatives Assessment Guide.
10 01, 2013
California Priority Products for Alternatives Assessment


Read the California Safer Consumer Product regulations.
09 30, 2013


OECD Resources
09 01, 2013
Sustainable Brands; Staples, HP, Kaiser Permanente Endorse Guide to Safer Chemicals

2012 Sustainable Brands Bulletins

BizNGO this week released a guide to help manufacturers, retailers and purchasers track their progress towards using chemicals that are safer for human health and…
05 09, 2013