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10/19/2015 Clean Production Action Blogs Bulletins

BizNGO-Chemical Footprint Conference, Dec. 8-9, 2015, Boston UN Our Planet magazine features Mark Rossi Chemical Footprint Project assessment tool open for use until Nov. 30, 2015…
10 19, 2015
Q & A With Bart Sights

10/16/2015 Clean Production Action Blogs

Bart Sights is the Sr. Director of the Global Development Network at Levi Strauss & Co. and keynote speaker at the upcoming BizNGO-Chemical Footprint Conference,…
10 16, 2015
BizNGO-Chemical Footprint Conference 2015

December 8th & 9th, 2015 JFK Library & Museum-Smith Hall Columbia Point, Boston, MA 02125 BizNGO Events Webinars & Videos Annual Conference

BizNGO - Chemical Footprint 2015Boston, MA We celebrated BizNGO's 10th anniversary in typical collaborative spirit by co-organizing our annual conference with the Chemical Footprint Project. Combining the…
09 25, 2015
Webinar: Safer Alternatives to Methylene Chloride in Paint Strippers

10/27/2015 Dr. Bingxuan Wang, Molly Jacobs BizNGO Events Webinars & Videos

Listen to Dr. Bingxuan Wang of ToxServices, LLC and Molly Jacobs of the Lowell Center’s Environmental Health Program on safer alternatives to methylene chloride in paint strippers.  …
09 11, 2015
Job Opportunities, Save the Date, and Mark Rossi in the Boston Globe

9/8/2015 Blogs Bulletins Press Releases

Job AnnouncementsClean Production Action is now hiring for two new positions:   GreenScreen® Program Manager: We are looking for a technically and scientifically skilled individual to…
09 08, 2015
Five things you should know about Mark Rossi

8/14/2015 Jessica Geller Boston Globe Blogs Press Releases

Mark Rossi’s life mission is to advance safer alternatives to toxic chemicals. In 2006, Rossi founded BizNGO, a collaboration of more than 500 business, environmental, and…
08 14, 2015
Webinar: Deep Dive into Chemical Footprinting

7/22/15 Mark Rossi, Sally Edwards & Tim Greiner BizNGO Events Webinars & Videos

Tim Greiner of Pure Strategies, Sally Edwards of Lowell Center for Sustainable Production at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, and Mark Rossi of Clean Production…
07 08, 2015
Webinar: Chemical Footprinting with Staples & Trillium Asset Management

6/30/15 Roger McFadden & Susan Baker BizNGO Events Webinars & Videos

Learn the value of chemical footprinting and how to participate in CFP. Join Roger McFadden of Staples, Susan Baker of Trillium Asset Management, and Mark…
06 30, 2015
GreenBiz Blog: The $1.1 trillion question: What’s your chemical footprint?

6/19/2015 Mark Rossi GreenBiz Blogs Bulletins

Look no further than the financial and reputational travails of Lumber Liquidators for a stark example of the risks companies are exposed to when they…
06 19, 2015
$1.1 trillion in assets under management and purchasing power sign on to CFP!

6/19/2015 Blogs Bulletins Press Releases

Somerville, MA [June 19, 2015] — You’ve heard of a company’s carbon footprint.  Now it’s time for the chemical footprint. Despite growing regulatory efforts, businesses…
06 19, 2015
Trending Topics: Hazard? Risk? Do you know the difference?

5/08/2015 Mark S. Rossi Bulletins Publications

A subject that comes up frequently in the context of managing and choosing chemicals, particularly for downstream users, is that of hazard and risk. With…
05 07, 2015
Chemical Footprinting: Identifying Hidden Liabilities in Manufacturing Consumer Products

123:A130–A133, Lindsey Konkel Environmental Health Perspectives Blogs Press Releases

Carbon and water footprints, along with other measures of environmental impact, are often incorporated into corporate social responsibility or sustainability reports. Many companies now make…
05 02, 2015
NGO platform: TSCA, REACH and the downstream user

April 2015 Mark Rossi Chemical Watch Blogs Bulletins

Click here to read the new article written by Dr. Mark Rossi on Chemical Watch.
04 16, 2015
Growing the Practice of Alternatives Assessment: How to Use the OECD Toolbox Webinar

April 14 @ 4pm Kathy Hart, Emily Connor & Jonathan Rivin BizNGO Events Webinars & Videos

The toolbox offers access to tools, data, chemical lists, and guidance documents for users with varying levels of expertise, to assist in the substitution of…
04 14, 2015
Treading lightly with chemicals

March 2015 Leigh Stringer Chemical Watch Blogs Bulletins

A new tool, the Chemical Footprint Project (CFP), aims to establish meaningful measurement of overall corporate performance towards safer chemicals in products and supply chains.…
04 07, 2015
5 essential practices help assure safer chemicals in products

3/6/2015 Bev Thorpe GreenBiz Blogs

The U.S. is home to a vibrant network of “market campaigners” — environmental health advocates and social media active consumers — calling for safer chemical…
03 06, 2015
A Framework to Guide Selection of Chemical Alternatives

National Research Council Bulletins

Concerns about the health and environmental impacts associated with some chemical products and processes have motivated a growing number of national, state, and local governments,…
02 17, 2015
The Business Case for Knowing Chemicals in Products and Supply Chains Webinar

February 10th @ 11am Mark Ross & Kevin Munn BizNGO Events Webinars & Videos

Consumers, retailers and brands all want to know more, driving companies to disclose information about the hazardous chemicals in their products and to make safer…
02 10, 2015
Chemical Footprint Project Webinar

January 21st @ 1pm Mark Ross, Sally Edwards & Tim Greiner BizNGO Events Webinars & Videos

The Chemical Footprint Project was founded by the environmental non-profit Clean Production Action, the research institute The Lowell Center for Sustainable Production at the University…
01 21, 2015
The Business Case for Knowing Chemicals in Products & Supply Chains

January 13th @ 3pm Mark Rossi & Kevin Munn BizNGO Events Webinars & Videos

This webinar looked at the use of CiP information systems and the value of knowing about chemicals contained in products. These systems continue to enable…
01 13, 2015