Public Policies

Policy Engagement

California Safer Consumer Product Regulations

Beginning in 2009, BizNGO actively supported the development of effective regulations through comments, presentations, and letters to the State of California, including:

Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Reform

BizNGO supports TSCA Reform that will:

  • Require chemical manufacturers to develop and submit hazard, use, and exposure data on chemicals in commerce, and require the EPA to make such data readily available to the public.
  • Take immediate action to reduce the use of persistent, bioaccumulative, and toxic (PBT) chemicals and other chemicals of high concern.
  • Clearly identify chemicals of high and low concern to human and environmental health, based on robust information.
  • Require greater disclosure of chemicals of high concern in products.
  • Promote safer alternatives.

Making the Business Case for Policy Reform

Congressional Testimony of BizNGO Participants


Note on our Policy Positions

Participants in BizNGO are all working towards the use of safer chemicals in commerce. Reflecting the diversity of participants in the Working Group, we have a diversity of perspectives on government, NGO and industry initiatives. While BizNGO strives for consensus on all of its policy positions and all participants agree on the government policy issues we address, we may not achieve consensus on the specifics of every BizNGO policy statement.