Public Policies

Alternatives Assessment

Toxic-Free Food Packaging (ESHB 2658) PASSED

The Healthy Food Packaging Act protects our food, health, and environment by phasing out a highly persistent class of chemicals (PFAS) in food packaging. Used in food packages like microwave popcorn and fast food or bakery wrappers, these toxic nonstick chemicals move from the packaging, to the food, and then into our bodies with each bite. PFAS chemicals also pollute the environment when the food packaging is landfilled or composted and spread on the ground. 

More information on the bill here.

Safer Firefighting Foam, Gear, and Drinking Water (ESSB 6413) PASSED

This bill limits the use of firefighting foams that contain harmful PFAS chemicals. These extremely persistent and cancer-causing chemicals are contaminating drinking water and threatening firefighter health.

Specifically, the bills:

  • Ban the sale of firefighting foam containing PFAS chemicals beginning 2020 except in situations that require the use of PFAS-containing foams, like at certain airports.
  • Require manufacturers of PFAS-containing firefighting gear to notify anyone purchasing the gear that the gear contains PFAS chemicals.

More information on the bill here.