Training: Avoiding Regrettable Substitutions with GreenScreen®

Training: Avoiding Regrettable Substitutions with GreenScreen®

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Learn how to identify safer alternatives to chemicals of concern with GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals

Identifying chemicals to avoid is typically an early step in proactive chemicals management. However, once you have identified the chemicals you want to reduce or eliminate from your products and/or supply chain, how do you avoid regrettable substitutes? You want to ensure that your investment of time and resources to replace a chemical will bring you returns and value to your organization and brands.

At the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Use GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals to evaluate and compare the hazards of alternatives to chemicals of concern, with the goal of avoiding regrettable substitutes.
  • Understand how companies are using GreenScreen to identify safer alternatives.
  • Describe how GreenScreen has been incorporated into standards for the building products and electronics sectors.
  • Apply GreenScreen in answering alternatives assessment-related questions in the Chemical Footprint Project Survey.

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