Surviving chemicals of concern lists

Surviving chemicals of concern lists

5/31/2018 Clean Production Action Bulletins

Online training begins June 13th

The course includes three live, online, 75-minute classes:

  • June 13th: Discover the global landscape of chemicals of concern lists, how they impact different sectors, and how stakeholders manage their lists.
  • June 20th: Know how NGOs, governments, and companies generate lists of chemicals of concern, the criteria driving list development, and how the Chemical Footprint Project Survey integrates restricted substances lists (RSLs) into its questions.
  • June 27th: Understand GreenScreen List Translator™ and how it can support you in creating and managing lists of chemicals of concern.

After completing the course, you will be able to:

  • Chemical_Inventory_Icon 6Evaluate the criteria behind an external list of chemicals of concern.
  • Create a list of chemicals to track and/or take action on.
  • Select external lists you can successfully comply with.
  • Create a systemic approach to managing chemicals of concern lists.
  • Articulate how chemicals of concern lists are integrated into the Chemical Footprint Project Survey.

Guest speakers include:

If you have questions regarding the course or registration, please contact