Plastics Scorecard

7/1/14 Ann Blake & Mark Rossi Greenbiz Bulletins

Plastics Scorecard and Valuing Plastic, two recent reports demonstrate how companies need to pay attention to the chemicals in plastics and the end of life impacts of plastics. For companies looking to reduce their environmental footprint, including their use of hazardous chemicals, plastics are a huge challenge. BizNGO’s Plastics Scorecard found nearly 250 million metric tons of high-concern chemicals used in plastics annually that pose risks to workers, consumers, communities and the global environment. It provides a whole product, life-cycle framework for evaluating plastics used in products and finding safer and lower-impact alternatives. Given the enormous volume produced– over 600 billion pounds annually – producing less toxic plastics could significantly improve environmental health  – as the United Nations’ Valuing Plastic report attests.


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Valuing Plastic Report