Chemical Footprint Project Workshop 2017

Chemical Footprint Project Workshop 2017

12/7/2017 9am-5pm NonProfit Center 89 South Street Boston, MA 02111 Boston, MA BizNGO Events

Be a leader in proactive chemicals management. Join us in Boston to learn how to:

  • Reduce business risks related to chemicals,
  • Measure progress in using safer chemicals, and
  • Strengthen engagement with your supply chain.  


8:00 Breakfast

9:00 Welcome & Introductions

9:30 Value of CFP

10:00 Management Strategy

10:45 Networking Break

11:00 Management Strategy (cont.)

11:30 Chemical Inventory

12:30 Lunch

1:15 Chemical Inventory (cont.)

1:45 Footprint Measurement

2:45 Break

3:00 Footprint Measurement (cont.)

3:30 Disclosure & Verification

4:10 Discussion - Opportunities for YOUR Organization

4:40 Summary & Closure

In this one-day, in-person, interactive workshop, learn how participation in the Chemical Footprint Project can support your company's chemicals management program and demonstrate your leadership. The training will include examples of best practices across sectors and lessons learned from past Surveys.

This training will be particularly valuable for manufacturers of formulated products and/or articles and consultancy firms supporting manufacturers in creating leading chemicals management programs. 

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