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Target, Wal-Mart, Whole Foods Leading Retailers in Race to Safer Chemicals

11/18/2013 Mark Rossi GreenBiz Blogs

Target, Wal-Mart and Whole Foods Market are leading retailers in the race to provide safer chemicals in products. With their newly announced chemical policies, Target…
11 19, 2013
Our Take on Target’s New Sustainability Standard

10/12/2013 Mark Rossi Blogs

Yesterday Target introduced its new Sustainable Product Standard that it claims “will help establish a common language, definition and process for qualifying what makes a…
10 23, 2013
Walmart’s chemical policy: The right formula, but just a first step

09/15/13 Mark Rossi Greenbiz Blogs

Walmart’s new policy (PDF) to require manufacturers of cosmetics and cleaning products to disclose ingredients in their products and remove priority hazardous chemicals signals a…
09 13, 2013
Safe and Sustainable Chemicals: The Case for Action

April 2, 2013 Mark Rossi and Corinna Kester BSR Insight Blogs

Note: This is part one of a two-part series highlighting societal trends and drivers for companies to address chemical impacts. Part two will offer examples…
05 09, 2013
Why every company has a chemical footprint

April 19, 2013 Mark Rossi GreenBiz Blogs

What is your company's chemical footprint? You may think this question does not apply to your organization because it doesn't use chemicals. Yet all products…
05 07, 2013