Tip twelve

"Product ingredient information":

Formulated products: Whether the product contains active and inactive ingredients, ingredients that are single chemicals or chemical mixtures, all intentionally added ingredients should be disclosed on the product packaging using non-generic names. Where space is limited, it is useful to indicate a website that features additional useful details, such as CAS numbers and a list of the chemicals contained in a fragrance ingredient.

Articles: Progressively more comprehensive ingredient disclosure options include:

• Generic material content for 95% by mass of chemicals in products

• Chemicals on the EU’s Candidate List of Substances of Very High Concern in products

• Chemical identity for 95% by mass of chemicals in products

Examples: Health Product Declaration Collaboration, Declare, Safer Choice

Some companies choose to certify their products using respected third-party eco-labels or certifications that evaluate chemical hazards.

Resources: CSPA Dictionary, INCI dictionary