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Are you interested in:

  • Collaborating with businesses and environmental groups?
  • Knowing about tools to identify safer alternatives to chemicals of high concern?
  • Learning how to measure chemical footprints?
  • Moving beyond regulatory compliance?

Join us December 7-8th, 2016!

Featured topics:

  • Latest trends in improving chemicals management
  • Why investors want Metrics on Corporate Chemical Risks
  • Measuring Chemical Footprints in Retail Operations
  • Challenges in Measuring Progress to Safer Chemicals
  • Inventorying Chemicals & Materials -- from Red Lists to Full Material Disclosure
  • Moving to a Common Standard for Hazard Assessment
  • Measuring Product Footprints with Chemical Footprint Project

The BizNGO Annual Meeting will be preceded by a workshop on the Chemical Footprint Project Tuesday December 6, 2016.

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