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BizNGO is an informal network of business, advocacy, government, and university leaders who work together in advancing safer chemicals and sustainable materials. A project of Clean Production Action, BizNGO produces results in a safe and collaborative environment.

We provide:

  • A forum for peer to peer engagement
  • An opportunity for leaders from diverse sectors to find common goals
  • Access to cutting edge resources, activities, and tools
  • Webinars, conferences, and speakers on a range of environmental health issues

BizNGO participants join in a range of activities, including staying informed of best practices through the BizNGO mailing list and participating in work groups. Being an informal collaboration, there are no membership dues.

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Alternatives Assessment

  • Current: developing model alternatives assessments, commenting on alternative assessment initiatives, and tracking alternatives assessment initiatives.
  • Past: developed the BizNGO protocol for alternatives assessment and facilitated the development of the commons principles for alternatives assessment.

Safer Chemicals:

  • Past: developed principles for safer chemicals and the Guide to Safer Chemicals, and commented on the Outdoor Industry Association's chemical management framework.
  • Current: developing the Corporate Chemical Scorecard that builds from the Guide to Safer Chemicals.

Sustainable Materials:

  • Past: developed the principles for sustainable plastics and hosted webinar series on material assessment frameworks.
  • Current: developing the Plastics Scorecard, a framework for identifying sustainable plastics across their life cycle.


  • Past: commented extensively on the California Safer Consumer Product Regulations and developed business case for TCSA Reform Fact Sheet.
  • Current: continuing to engage in the California Safer Consumer Product Regulations and to support comprehensive TCSA reform.